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All in One: How This Hospitality Company Manages FF&E, OS&E, and Procurement With Fohlio

Project Types
Hospitality/ Hotel chain
Team size
10+ Employees
Auckland, New Zealand
Use Cases

Cost Management

Approval management

Data Management

At a Glance

What They Needed Help With:

  • Track granular details during procurement.
  • Effectively track international purchases.
  • Track rebates.
  • Track approvals for accountability.

Fohlio’s Solutions:

  • Procurement features
  • Budget tracking features

How They're Doing Now:

  • Able to sort products according to categories: FF&E, OS&E, Health and Safety, Food and Beverage, and Miscellaneous. This resulted in easier identification and streamlined processes.
  • These same products can now be further categorized according to phases that the item was in: from the order placing, to order status tracking, all the way down to rebates. This allowed the company to have better control over their resources.
  • Budgeting: They are able to maximize cost savings since they can now easily track rebates and project budgets.

An Auckland-Based Hospitality Company

This hospitality company is based in New Zealand, with hotels all over Auckland. From starting as a family-owned business that grew to a multi-location hotel, they are now a five-star, environment-friendly, and accessible hotel. They have hotels located in commercialized areas like Christchurch Airport, Christchurch City, and Auckland Airport.

Easier FF&E, OS&E, And Procurement Management

The company needed a way to streamline FF&E and OS&Esupplies and procurement processes. Their company was constantly opening up new hotel branches, so that meant they had to move swiftly and efficiently, leaving little room for rework and errors. These were some of their main issues and concerns at the time: tracking international purchases, tracking product and material rebates, and tracking approvals for accountability.

Little Things That Make A Big Difference

After onboarding with Fohlio, the company was able to do all sorts of things they couldn't before, like organizing products according to their different types: FF&E, OS&E, health and safety, food and beverage, and miscellaneous. These same products could be further categorized according to what information the company needed: from the order placing, to order status tracking, and down to rebates. In terms of budgeting, they were able to maximize cost savings since they were now able to easily track rebates and project budgets.