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How This Hospitality Design Firm Manages Teams Across Continents + Whips Up Budgets in a Flash Using Fohlio

Data Management
Multiple Workflow Management
Project Types
Commercial, Hospitality and Residential
Team size
100+ Employees
Los Angeles, Barcelona, Washington DC and Toronto
Interior Design, Architectural, and Landscape Concepting
Use Cases

Multi-Location Team Management

Brand Standard Management

Company Standard Document Template Building

At a Glance

What They Needed Help With:

  • Multiple international offices, on different continents that worked on the same projects needed a centralized database.
  • Needed product prices inside a shared database so they could prepare budgets.
  • Managing ff&e specification standards, brand standards/brand compliance, Bronze, Silver, and Gold Package Value-based packages (price-point-based ranking).
  • Needed a way to better organize custom spec book (letter a4 format), using a unique set of data.
  • A more efficient way to create custom schedule reports, which are mandatory for stakeholders to satisfy company image and international standards.

Solutions They Tried In the Past:

  • Spexx was outdated and not user-friendly. No customization levels of reports, and difficult data extraction.

How They're Doing Now:

  • Being in the cloud means everyone can now work within the same platform.
  • Budget trackers make project budget preparation easier.
  • Standardization is easier in every aspect: spec book making, report building,  product information sorting, and more.
  • Approvals are now easily trackable and accountability checking is easier between teams across different locations.
  • Teams can now use customizable workflows.
  • Processed are improved overall.

An Award-Winning Design Studio With Projects In Hospitality, Commercial, and Residential Spaces

The company is a design studio with offices located in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Washington DC, and Toronto. The same goes for their projects: Located all around Europe and North America, they are known for showcasing visually striking interiors.

Scattered Data Across Multiple Offices

The company has multiple international offices across different continents. This was a problem because it meant that many teams involved in their projects around the world worked on the same projects. They recognized a need for a centralized database for their projects. Being an internationally known company, they have huge criteria to be met for every project and needed to establish standards for every project: Spec standards, brand standards, as well as value-based packages (pricepoint-based ranking levels) for their product catalogs. They were already a highly organized company that needed to have a well-organized specification book for every project. Their spec books contain unique product attributes that vary depending on the function of the material that they specify. But being a large company also meant many stakeholders, which meant preparing various reports on a cyclical basis. These reports are there to keep stakeholders informed of the projects, and to uphold the company image and international standards.

Before working with Fohlio, this company used Spexx for organizing specifications and product information which they found to be quite outdated and not user-friendly. This software was machine-based so it didn't allow their teams from different locations to collaborate, it had no customization levels of reports, and gave them difficulty in extracting data about their specifications.

Cloud-based and Customizable

Having cloud-based software meant that everyone could now work inside the same platform even across multiple locations. This made data more accessible and streamlined. Budget trackers made project budget preparation easier. Standardization was a no-brainer and could be done in every aspect: spec bookmaking, report building, and product information sorting, and these same products got approvals faster. Overall, it was just better!