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This Hospitality Design Firm Lowered Turnover by Standardizing Workflows and Data

Data Management
Project Types
Team size
10+ Employees
New York
Hotel Management, Branding and Software
Use Cases

Collaboration Workflow


At a Glance

What They Needed Help With:

  • Independently-operating groups of designers had difficulty tracking and consolidating all their members on the platform.
  • High employee turnaround resulted in scattered information.
  • Managing accesses, internal approvals, and external approvals.

Fohlio’s Solutions:

  • Customizable workflows
  • Database, library, specifications, web clipper
  • Responsibility matrix for accountability

How They're Doing Now:

  • The team now has a standardized process in place.
  • Team members now have shared, streamlined information.
  • Easy-to-follow ff&e specification templates -- and o make it easy to onboard newcomers.

A Hotel Brand, Management & Software Platform

This company started off as a design company that eventually expanded on to procurement. They integrate hotel branding, management, and software as a means to enhance hotel systems. Part of the solutions that they provide is design, so in the case of their relationship with Fohlio, we will be sticking only to their design and procurement aspects.

Independent Designer Groups And Information Silos

This company is composed of independent designer groups, meaning they have independent designers coming together in teams working on different projects that constantly regroup during different phases. This type of organization, although effective for being able to get multiple projects done at once, can come with a whole host of problems if not properly managed. The company often deals with difficulty tracking project information from high turnover, information silos, and tracking accountability.

Consolidation And Cohesion Using FF&E Specification Templates

Fohlio now serves as a sort of glue to put the pieces together. Fohlio was a great fit for this collection of independent design groups because: 1) Fohlio has customizable workflows 2) Fohlio can be used for standardizing information to make it easily digestible to anyone viewing the tables 3) Fohlio allows the creation of a digital materials library that keeps historical information, which you can keep reusing for future projects 4) You can keep tabs on who is working on what by creating columns dedicated to assignees.

The company especially enjoyed and utilized the database, library, specifications and web-clipper features the most because it made their workflow even more efficient and streamlined.